Modular Bathrooms

Bathroom Modules: In Response to Contemporary Construction Challenges

Prefabricated bathroom modules are complete, fully equipped bathrooms designed for installation in various commercial facilities such as hotels, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, offices, and other commercial properties of different purposes. These bathroom modules offer the flexibility to be customized according to individual project requirements, high repeatability, and easy and quick installation. Among their advantages is their competitive pricing, which stands out compared to on-site construction of bathrooms using traditional methods.

What Sets Domczar's Prefabricated Bathroom Modules Apart?

We are a national leader in the production of PODs. With extensive experience in working with a wide range of structures, we have chosen to specialize in steel modules. Steel bathroom modules meet stringent construction standards and the expectations of even the most demanding investors. Their selection offers:

  • Flexibility in designing shape and details
  • The shortest lead time for production
  • No restrictions in selecting finishing layers
  • Structural rigidity
  • No need to construct additional structures for drywall installation.

All of these qualities make steel bathroom modules highly popular among investors seeking top-class solutions.

What Functions Can Bathroom Modules Serve?

Modular construction allows us to create functional bathrooms with amenities typical of traditional bathrooms. Depending on project requirements, a bathroom module can be equipped with a bathtub or a shower cabin. It also includes a toilet and a sink. Electric underfloor heating or wall-mounted radiators maintain the desired temperature in the bathroom.

Importantly, the freedom to choose from a wide range of finishing layers offered by steel bathroom modules allows for the customization of the interior and the use of popular finishing materials, such as glass, HPL, PVC, ceramic tiles, decorative stones, GRP panels with stone imitation, wall and floor tiles. This provides us with virtually unlimited possibilities for creating projects that seamlessly align with the stylistic goals of the investment, a degree of freedom that traditional technologies often do not offer.

We encourage all those interested in the possibilities offered by bathroom modules to thoroughly review our offer and past projects. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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