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Prefabricated bathroom modules are fully equipped, complete bathrooms designed for installation in hotels, commercial, industrial, and office buildings, as well as various other commercial properties of different purposes.


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A position built on years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering custom bathrooms to meet individual client requirements.


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Our team designs and manufactures a wide range of ready-made bathroom modules. Our annual production capacity is approximately 6,000 modules with varying standards. Production capabilities continue to grow in response to the increasing interest in collaboration with Domczar. We are located in the northeastern part of Poland.

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Modular bathrooms

A modular building component, manufactured in a controlled prefabrication environment, designed for use in traditional construction. The cabins are transported to the construction site as fully equipped and furnished elements, ready for use after being connected to the main building systems.

Modular bathrooms

Modular bathrooms

Our production and model-making facility is equipped with modern equipment to improve the efficiency of creating new models and shorten the time for the introduction of a new type of cabin into mass production.

Why PODs?

Why PODs?

Pod is a modular building component, manufactured in a controlled prefabrication environment, designed for use in traditional construction.


square meters of surface area


annual production capacity

We conduct a feasibility analysis of the project regarding the use of prefabricated modules. We present the possibility of using pods along with the benefits and limitations for the project. This stage gives us the opportunity to get to know both sides and understand the client's requirements. After analyzing the client's expectations, required production dates, and the quantity and types of bathrooms, Domczar presents an offer. Acceptance of the offer and contract signing.
Our engineers analyze the provided data and solutions, providing their comments. However, control always remains in the hands of the client or technical personnel (architects and engineers) representing them. This ensures that the product meets the client's expectations in terms of architectural layout, installations, and materials used. Written approval of the technical documentation and material specifications allows for the commencement of the design.
Domczar begins serial production based on signed documents. Quality control of the work performed is conducted at every stage of production by qualified staff. Module deliveries are made according to the schedule provided by the client. Long-term cooperation with our clients is a priority for us, so we believe that professional post-sales support plays a crucial role in maintaining it. Our service is always available at the client's request throughout Europe.

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Ready Modular Bathrooms: Beneficial for Your Project

A modular bathroom is a fully functional alternative to traditional technologies. Depending on the needs of a particular project, the module can be equipped with a shower cabin or bathtub, underfloor heating or a wall-mounted radiator. It also has all the necessary installations, so its installation is limited to connecting it to the main building systems and finishing the external walls.

Prefabricated bathrooms are created in a controlled environment. This allows us to precisely implement the project regardless of the conditions on the construction site and the available technical possibilities on-site. By using proven technological solutions, we provide modular bathrooms characterized by functionality and precision in execution. It’s worth noting that each bathroom is finished according to an individual design, which can be replicated in subsequent modules or modified.

Who Are Prefabricated Bathrooms For?

As a manufacturer of bathroom modules, we collaborate with architects and investors. Our prefabricated bathrooms find application in hotel, commercial, industrial, and office buildings, as well as in public investments. The choice of our bathrooms is determined by numerous benefits, including:

  • high product quality,
  • attractive price,
  • comprehensive service, including post-sales support.

The use of modular bathrooms significantly accelerates the construction schedule, thus increasing the profitability of the investment. By relocating some of the work to the factory, the general contractor reduces the demand for qualified workers on-site and reduces the amount of wet work.

Trust the Knowledge and Experience of a Modular Bathroom Manufacturer

Domczar is a manufacturer of prefabricated bathrooms with years of experience and a solid position in the market. We encourage everyone interested in modular construction to familiarize themselves with our offer and past achievements. We provide comprehensive service, including design work and production, transport of modular bathrooms to the construction site, and service support. If you have any questions or doubts, we are at your disposal.

Manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom modules used in construction.


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