Choosing bathroom tiles is a decision that affects both the visual and functional aspects of your bathroom, as well as the long-term design relevance. When selecting tiles for a hotel bathroom, it’s important to consider several factors that influence how guests perceive the space.

A hotel bathroom requires maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, which applies to fixtures, walls, and floors. When deciding on its decor, it’s essential to keep this aspect in mind and opt for colors and textures that make space easy to clean, while forgiving minor errors and imperfections in this regard.

Luxury Hotel Bathrooms: What Tiles to Choose?

When designing a hotel interior, we want our guests to feel comfortable in the spaces. Elegant furniture and accessories emphasize the luxurious nature of the rooms. However, comfort, especially daily comfort, should not be forgotten. A hotel bathroom should not resemble sterile medical offices. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to follow the trends promoted by industry catalogs either. It should:

  • be functional,
  • promote relaxation,
  • be clean and hygienic.

In interior design, it’s a good idea to opt for a universal color palette. Grays and beiges work well in this context. Another good choice can be off-white, which, when combined with the right accessories, can create an attractive design while maintaining the expected hygiene standards. In hotel bathrooms, it’s advisable to avoid black, especially in areas exposed to direct water contact. Black bathroom tiles are challenging to maintain, as even after cleaning, they may show characteristic water and soap residue or streaks.

Textured or Smooth Tiles: Which Is Better?

Tile color is not the only aspect to consider when choosing bathroom tiles. Textured tiles have become extremely popular lately, attracting attention with interesting designs and even more interesting final effects. However, they are much more demanding to maintain cleanliness. Certain textures may forgive errors during cleaning, but this is not a rule, so it’s worth approaching them with caution.

A good solution within textured tiles is tiles that mimic natural stones. Such textures with a matte finish usually tolerate cleaning errors and maintain cleanliness for a long time. Additionally, they enhance safety. When installed on the floor, they prevent slipping and increase bathroom comfort.

An alternative to materials imitating natural stone is dedicated floor tiles with an anti-slip surface. These tiles work well near the shower cabin or bath exit. However, they require more attention during cleaning because the anti-slip layer tends to retain dirt.