Arranging a bathroom can be challenging due to the need to consider multiple functions within a relatively limited space. The arrangement of your bathroom will depend on your needs, expectations, and constraints. It’s essential to keep in mind that bathrooms in hotels and commercial properties must also meet specific hygiene standards. So, how should you arrange a bathroom?

Bathrooms in Multi-Family Buildings

Functionally and aesthetically, arranging a bathroom in a traditional multi-family building is the most challenging. Bathrooms in apartment blocks are typically small and also serve as laundry and drying areas. This means that in a limited space, you need to accommodate:

  • Bathtub/shower,
  • Sink,
  • Washing machine and dryer/washer-dryer combo or just a washing machine,

and, in many cases, a toilet. How can you achieve this?

In constrained spaces, corner shower cabins work very well. Recently, foldable shower cabins have been a significant trend in interior design. After folding the doors, they take up very little space and allow for easy navigation in a tight bathroom. Another solution is to stack appliances one above the other, especially for the washer and dryer, which can be incorporated into a relatively small and functional column.

Bathrooms in Single-Family Buildings

Single-family home construction offers much greater possibilities for bathroom arrangement. It is common to designate two or even three rooms in a house for showers and bathtubs. An additional advantage is the option to arrange a dedicated room as a laundry, allowing you to forget about installing a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom and focus on the relaxing aspects of the space.

Hotel Bathrooms

As a manufacturer of PODs (ready-made prefabricated bathrooms), we have completed hundreds of bathroom projects for hotels and commercial properties. In such establishments, bathrooms should be:

  • Aesthetic,
  • Functional,
  • Easy to clean.

Walk-in shower cabins have consistently been perceived as the most hygienic and, therefore, the most popular choice in commercial properties such as hotels, wellness centers, and elegant fitness clubs. However, it’s worth noting that they are not the only option. With a bit more effort from the cleaning staff, you can offer your guests the luxury of a warm bath. Modern bathtubs are resistant to mechanical damage and very easy to clean.

In hotel bathrooms, it’s crucial to consider the mirror and the electrical installation, including lighting and power outlets. You cannot assume that guests only use battery-powered devices, and even if they do, you should provide optimal conditions for charging toothbrushes, razors, and other accessories. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the power outlet is located within reach of the mirror and shelves or built-in units that allow for the safe placement of charging devices.

You can always seek the assistance of an interior designer for help with bathroom arrangement. They can harmoniously combine the aesthetic qualities of the space with its functional character.